Very Good Advice

by Alice Invictus

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released June 29, 2016




Alice Invictus East Lansing, Michigan

23 year old nonbinary lover of fictional worlds, armed with a guitar, a microphone and a whole lot of unironic enthusiasm.

[they/them pronouns]

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Track Name: Oil Spill
Do you still dream of walking home
Still marking your path with blood on stones
What would it be like to know the way
The trees never tell me what you'd say

I wonder if I could do the same
Fully open myself and still remain
So press the deck close to your heart
Feel their warmth and pick your card

Open your hands and see what you'll find
Dream me a dream with light inside
Edges sharp as talons raven's bare
And whisper my name like a prayer

This thing is an oil spill
You lit me and I am burning still
I'll dream us a night
Full of nothing but light
Hold me as close as you can until
We stand here alive and unafraid
For the first time I think I can brave
Press the gas to the floor
For once I am sure
Just look at us, God, we're set ablaze

I think I hear whispers in the trees
I think I've lived nightmares you won't believe
So til I awake please hold my hand
There's a forest in you; you'll understand

Do you know what it's like to fear yourself
To not trust your hands or mind to help
Oh, I'll be your eyes to see this through
Please make these hands strong enough for you



This thing is a thunder storm
I think it can come in many forms
For me it's a thunder storm
I know what I want now and that's more
So soak me in rain
I spent so long afraid
My heads tilted up to the downpour


CHORUS, save for the line "For once I am sure" is replaced with "Excelsior

Just look at us, I'm so amazed
Just look at us, we are ablaze
Track Name: A Lesson on Secrets
You learned it when you were still small
Reinforced each monthly full moon
You thought it was your fault

See, that's the problem
You learned you were a heavy weight
That your parents dragged from town
To town, to keep your secret safe

See, that's the problem
Somewhere along the way
These secrets somehow convinced you
That all you bring is pain

When you're taught you are a secret
That others are forced to keep
You're taught “Remus, you're a minefield
Under other people's feet.”
When you're taught that danger's sewn
Into the lining of your soul
You learn to accept some secrets are
Better left untold

See, that's the problem
When clever boys become your friends
Eventually your secret
Isn't only yours to tend

See, that's the problem
They're kinder than you've ever known
Making themselves anew so you
Don't have to be alone

See, that's the problem
Friendships with secrets at their core
Become oh so very fragile
When it comes to waging war

When you're taught that there are people
Who will love you anyhow
You begin to hope only to find
It all comes crashing down
And again you're left in ruins
Of something that you called home
You heart's shattered into pieces
Because you think you should have know

See, that's the problem
We're bound to repeat the past
War never really left us
But now that torch has been passed

See, that's the problem
He has his hair and has her eyes
And he stands so young before you
With a look you recognize

See, that's problem
This boy is full of secrets too
So you teach him love and hope
He takes a different path than you

When you're the one teaching the lessons
To James and Lily's brave young son
You realize that having secrets doesn't
Make you into one
So you tell him to confide and trust
That love will see him through
You teach him all the things that you wish
Had been taught to you

Maybe that's the answer
To every question ever asked
When you teach love and understanding
You leave secrets in the past
And you hope you've taught them how
To lead lives happier than yours
And when all is said and done
How could a teacher ask for more?