Tea Time

by Alice Invictus

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released August 17, 2011




Alice Invictus East Lansing, Michigan

23 year old nonbinary lover of fictional worlds, armed with a guitar, a microphone and a whole lot of unironic enthusiasm.

[they/them pronouns]

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Track Name: And Now I Think I See
Concrete passing below
Dashboard lights aglow
In my head I can see
The girl I imagine frequently

So many nights I’ve tried to read
Tried to understand the clues you chose to leave
And I have yet to shed some light
Something please grant me some insight

To the leaves of grass
Leaning foreheads on glass
Another beautiful lonely girl
Killing the paper inside of her
Unscrew the doors from their jambs
I think I might now understand
These are the times we feel alive
The cracks in us now let in the light
And I see you now

Our strings are intertwined
And I mistook it for a sign
I thought she was what I perceived
What a treacherous thing to believe

That a girl can be more than just a girl
Drawing pictures on the wall of her paper world
Cutting at the strings that hold her up
Trying to decide when she’s gone far enough


All goes onward and outward x3
And nothing, and nothing collapses
Nothing collapses

Track Name: You're So Dumb
I get lightheaded like I’m breathing hydrogen
When I realize what a mess I’ve gotten myself in
Aboard this ship, above the war
Something’s happening that I just can’t ignore
For sure

Aleksander Hapsburg, I don’t care
Whether you travel by machine or travel in the air
Because the person deep down below
Is more important than the one you show
I would know

A hundred hints, a thousand clues
A million sideways glances at you and
I guess I just don’t understand boys!

Because…I’m a girl, you idiot!
You just can’t seem to take a hint
Prince Aleksander, you’re so dumb
Prince Aleksander, you’re so dumb

You’re so daft that you can’t see that I’m not a lad
I guess after all the worrying, my disguise wasn’t too bad
Count Volger, Bovril, and Dr. Barlow
But every except you already knows
It guess it shows

You think I’m your best friend, and you’re not all wrong
Can you really not see what’s been right here all along
Your fencing partner, your right hand man
Be by your side, Alek, that’s the plan
Can you understand?

Track Name: Press Play (Thirteen Reasons Why)
Narration: I'm about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended. And if you're listening to these tapes, you're one of the reasons why.

Thirteen tapes in a box with my name
Nothing would ever be the same
The voice of a girl with empty desk
Once more in my ears to confess

Static crackles and my insides go numb
Telling the story to which I know the outcome
And suddenly Hannah's words are in my ears
The last of hers I'll ever hear

As I walk along and you say goodbye
Telling me the thirteen reasons why

I could've helped, I could've stayed
I need to hear what she has to say
So I press play...Mmmmm I press play

Narration: And, Clay...I'm sorry too.

Thirteen tapes, which one is mine?
Will I learn how I lead to her demise?
If could have saved you Hannah, you know
Could've pulled your from the undertow

But because I left when you told me to
I'm left with just a ghost of you
So many signs I should have seen
None of us have our hands clean




Narration: I guess that's the point of it all. No one knows for certain the impact they have on the lives of other people. Often times we have no clue. And yet we push it just the same


Narration: A lot of you cared...just not enough. I'm sorry.
Track Name: Until the Day We Go
Will my life end like those in books that I have read?
Is half a sentence all I get to end the life I’ve lead
Never quite a child and not yet quite fully grown
After all it’s over what will I have to show?

Will I write some letters to an author I adore?
Will I play a sport for my Dad that I think is a bore?
Will I, in the end, have said all that I have had to say?
When it comes down to it, will I keep the promise anyway?

The world is not a wish granting factory, Hazel Grace
What marks will we leave for people yet to take out place?
Each and every day we are presented with a choice
What do we shout to the void? What echoes in our voice?

Will I fall in love with someone in such a short time?
Will we go to Amsterdam? What ladders will I climb?
Will I learn to not make people something that they’re not?
Will I learn just how fast and how much they all forgot

Or is that just nature of us, to forget those who’ve passed
To focus on the days that we still have while they last
Or maybe in the time we have we’re never meant to know
Questioning why we are here until the day we go


But that’s not the point I guess, remembered by us all
The marks we leave can still be great and yet seem very small
Our infinity might not be as large as other ones
I’m grateful for the days we had to do the things we’ve done.