Down the Rabbit Hole EP

by Alice Invictus

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The first release of Alice Invictus


released December 12, 2010

Written and recorded by Zoe Johnson, 2010




Alice Invictus East Lansing, Michigan

23 year old nonbinary lover of fictional worlds, armed with a guitar, a microphone and a whole lot of unironic enthusiasm.

[they/them pronouns]

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Track Name: They Don't Own Me (Berries)
How did we get here, Peeta?
An inch from death in this arena
So far from District Twelve
But we did manage to stay ourselves

I hold out the berries for them to see
Ready, on the count of three
Guess we’ve reached the climax of this story
Girl on fire’s going out in a blaze of glory

I’m more than just a piece in their games
Girl on fire is more than just pretty flames
And if I’m to die here, they will see
Once and for all, they don’t own me
They don’t own me x2

I’m more than the girl on you’re screen
I am Katniss Everdeen
My life not a board to play chess on
I’m not some yielding little pawn

I forgot we were all the same
Began to hate the players and not the game
And it took this baker’s son
To show me what it truly means to have won


As the berries leave my hand
I wonder will this be the end
That night on the rooftop I recall
Guess we get to die as ourselves, after all

CHORUS (soft)
Track Name: A Message for Alec Lightwood
Hey there Alec, I’ve got a message for you
Something we all feel is overdue
You fixation on Jace is getting old
And a certain warlock likes you, or so I’m told

Izzy told me you were gay
But you’re single to her dismay
You’re hung up on Jace, we know
But you caught someone’s eye two books ago

Hey, Alec Lightwood, can’t you see?
You and Jace aren’t meant to be
Alec Lightwood, get a clue
Cause Magnus Bane’s in love with you

We know you like the way he moves
But you think you’re parents won’t approve
Is it ‘cause he’s a guy, or he’s a warlock?
You should probably tell your parents you like….boys?

Jace thinks he loves his sister…um, ew!
He’s got more important things than deal with you
But someone else is on the side-lines, ready
All the fan girls are screaming “JUST KISS HIM, ALREADY!”

Track Name: What David Said
I was once a normal girl
What I wanted most in the world
Was to be like everyone else
I was taught to hate myself (the way I was)

My best friend turned sixteen
One whole month alone until my surgery
But Shay decided she was enough
She’d rewired her brain to love herself

When she left I thought she would fail
Soon enough Special Circumstances was on her tail
And me in their grip, I thought was a joke
But as soon as I got there, my plans went up in smoke
(my plans went up in smoke)

For sixteen years, I had but one aim
To lose myself and be the same
But living by his side showed me
A different way to see beauty
But I made a big mistake
Everything I touch I break
Lost the best home I ever knew
Because David said I was beautiful

Good intentions pave the road to hell
Tried to burn the locked so it would never tell
But I failed at everything I tried
I was alone in all my tricks and lies

But somehow things have grown on me
I’m not the same old Tally
I was before that locket burned
So many things I’ve lost and learned

David taught me how to see
The world completely differently
We’ve discovered the secret, and thus…
The fate of the world rests on us
(The fate of the world rests on us)

I know how what I have to do
I’ll risk my life to know the truth
For David, Maddy, Az, and Shay
When the time comes we’ll have our day
Because what you think and what you do
Is what makes you beautiful
No longer afraid of what lies ahead
Because I now believe what David said
Track Name: What Do You Do, Mr. Fowl?
What do you do when your best friend’s a fairy?
When you can call yourself a crime protégée?
What do you do when no one understands you?
And you’ve still barely reached puberty

What do you do when despite your logic
Your hormone levels now increase
What do you do when you number one on the list
Of most wanted by the fairy police

Mr. Fowl, don’t be foul about it
Artemis, c’mon, don’t be so sad
You’re diabolical, and well funded
You’ve got the world in the palm of your hand

What do you do when you can hack computers?
That humans haven’t invented yet
What do you do when an elf saves your life
And you kiss her to repay the debt?

What do you do when you believe in fairies?
When you’ve got tons of doctorate degrees
What do you do when you’re very good looking?
And deep down you know Holly agrees?


You've got Butler beside you 'til the end of your days
And Minerva..well she only shows up in book five
But Foaly is there to run tech in the booth
And Holly will keep you alive

What do you do when you're an Irish boy
With much too much time on his hands?
What do you do when you're tempted with evil
Will good be the motive of your plans?

Track Name: Dust to Dust (A Song for Max)
Smoke rises in the city of glass
Oh how things have come to pass

White figures in a fog of grey
Such a beautiful sunrise lights such a dark day

Swirling in the Idris sky
Ashes of a Nephilim to young to die

Maxwell, Maxwell
We bid you farewell
But in our fight we cannot pause
Even you, in death, still serve the cause
Loyalty, courage and trust
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust x2

Alec’s tear’s hidden by long black bangs
Izzy’s cries drown out when the church bell rang
Jace’s grief pushed down inside
So nobody will see him cry

Robert and Mayrse still too shocked to feel
The absence of their son is just too real
As the Glass City sky is choked
With the soot and ash of Max’s smoke


Angel wings…carry you home x4